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Our mission is to equip pastors to inspire passion in their communities and the world. With upgraded theological tools and practical implementation, get ready to set a new spark of revival in your congregation. Conducted in an entirely online platform, you will be equipped to strengthen the people of God with the infallible word of God.


At USITS, we are dedicated to challenging you as a spiritual leader to be bold, innovative, and deeply rooted in your faith, guiding others with wisdom, compassion, and unwavering foundation on the Bible.

Our mission is to offer accessible and affordable theological education, empowering leaders to inspire and challenge both their congregations and themselves.

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“I was so overjoyed to be able to finally study the Bible in depth as I’ve always wanted to. The steep price of higher education would often deter me, but knowing I can study without the burden of cost just further solidified to me that studying with USITS was an opportunity sent to me by God. I’m so thankful.”

Explore theology and ministry with USITS,
where each path unfolds towards leadership.